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Customer Testimonials


Great bunch of folks and been a long time customer. For the first time, I got my bike back from a service visit and the bike had a minor issue. Informed them of it and they willingly looked into it. As luck would have it they didn’t experience the issue and offered to keep it longer. However, I wanted to have them follow my advice, and we had a plan where I could be there as it required that the motor be cool. Once we collectively worked together to exhibit the problem, once the issue exhibited itself, they attacked it, and knocked out the problem. All-in-all, they were great and willing to help resolve the problem. It’s times like this where great shops & people show their true colors. Thanks to the whole crew there and wanted to share my experience with everyone wanting to know if they can trust these folks with their motorcycle.

Victor J

I had my motorcycle in for service and it ran late since one mechanic have to leave due to urgent personal issue. Another mechanic took over and worked overtime Friday night so I could go on a ride Saturday morning.

I had a wonderful day on a motorcycle that ran perfect.Most shop would have said come back tomorrow.

I would have accepted that, but this show that the customer come first.

And I had a wonderful day thanks to this.

Peter S

Great shop to buy from and/or have your bike serviced. I’ve bought two BMW’s from SJ BMW in the past and been in for regular service numerous times. Customer service from their sales staff, service, and owner has always been top-notch. They’ve gone the extra mile for me on a couple occasions. Prior to even being an SJ BMW customer, at one point I had a bike on order from a different dealer. That dealer wanted to markup my order on the day of delivery after I had already sold the bike I previously bought from them, waited 2 months, and when I had already placed a deposit with a price in writing at the time of my order. I had a “colorful” conversation over the phone, requested a refund on my deposit, and then drove to SJ BMW. They found me a bike a couple hundred miles away that they drove to pickup and bring back to their shop. A couple days later I made my first purchase from their shop and have been a happy customer ever since.Service has been equally good as well. I’ve never once had a “surprise” charge or work done. I’ve always been provided with an accurate and itemized estimate when calling in and in writing when dropping my bike off. They’re always friendly and usually have a loaner available if needed.

Sean P

Having recently converted from Harley-Davidson motorcycles to your motorcycles this letter would have primarily been written emphasizing all the superb qualities of your products. But, after purchasing a R1100RS and a R1100R from San Jose BMW last month, I had to write you and express my deep satisfaction with the service and support from that dealership. Chris Hodgson (Owner), Peter Connolly (Sales Manager), and Joson Freeland (Head Mechanic) have for me set the standard in customer service and support. Of the eleven cars and motorcycles I have purchased in the past seven years, San Jose BMW’s customer-oriented approach has far surpassed my wildest expectations. Their continual extra personal effort in meeting my motorcycling needs and providing technical and motorcycle riding advice have won my allegiance to them and to your company. I have never experienced this kind of support before from other automotive/motorcycle dealerships. In my future travels throughout North America and Europe I hope to encounter other BMW dealerships that display the same kind of customer service and support as San Jose BMW. The quality and capability of your products sell themselves but the people of San Jose BMW develop relationships at the “grass roots” level which result in a lifetime of product support and customer satisfaction.

Monterey, CA

While the sales staff does get quite a bit of the kudos in the below reviews, the folks that really stood out for me recently were the folks in the Service Department! Both Pete and Amy do a magnificent job of getting to know you as a person, not as another, “credit card waiting to be swiped.” They work with you and it’s tough to walk away angry from them.The techs are also really good at explaining what they did to your ride as well as what might need to be done the next time around. Yes, your repair bill may be a bit on the high side if you’re used to cars, but it comes with the re-assurance that the people who KNOW your ride and who ride themselves have repaired it and will do everything they can to ensure you are safe on the road as well.They also do free safety inspections if you just want to make sure everything’s good right before you go on a monster ride, which is a nice touch. The Service Department does an amazing job at keeping the whole “riding community” going, not just your individual ride. And really, that’s what a dealership should be.

Kris R

To my taste, this place is the BMW of German restaurants. Thank you for the cordial, professional attention to me and my machine.

Los Gatos

Dear Chris, Just a few lines to let you know I got my fork brace back from you with the recommended instructions on how to install it. I stil had my doubts, but with all the bad weather we’ve been having and with the knowledge that the brace was checked by experts, I decided to give it one more try. You guessed it, I finally got it on. It was a tight fit but with the instructions in hand I closed my eyes, gave a tug and the brace went over the fender. What a relief! Last Saturday I was able to go for my first ride of the year. I rode 520 miles and there was a tremendous difference in the handling, very little wobble and a great feel for the road. I’m really happy I didn’t give up on your product, it’s a real performance boost. Thanks for all your help, Chris. I couldn’t have done it without you. It was a real pleasure dealing with your fine company and I won’t hesitate for a moment to buy any of your products in the future. Thanks again for all your help and concern.


Well, when I called for my 12,000-mile service I was quoted $459.00 from [omitted]. That is minus the oil, oil filter, spark plugs, air filter and brake fluid I already changed. I thought wow that is a lot. So on a fluke, I called San Jose BMW and was told that the service would be $308.00. Guess what, I took it there and walked out of the door for $279.00. What a price difference. Everyone there was very nice and all communicated well with each other. And now for the bonus: THEY WASHED MY BIKE SPARKELING CLEAN and put shinny stuff on all the black parts. Look almost new when I drove away. Thank you San Jose BMW.


I rolled into San Jose BMW on a Tuesday morning with a failed final drive on my 2006 GS. No appointment, no notice, nothing. And I was 3000 miles from home. Within an hour or so they had looked at my bike and drove me to a motel while they worked on my bike. Upon opening the final drive the mechanic discovered that the problem was much worse than expected and the drive would have to be replaced. A new drive was overnighted and I was back on the road in a little over 48 hours. Not only that, the service manger contacted BMW and I got some of the costs back due to some previous work that had been done on the final drive before I left for my trip.My experience with San Jose BMW was 5 star +.

Curti N

Paul is extremely happy with his GS, but more importantly both of us were very impressed with your customer service. After our experience at [omitted] it was nice to see the other end of the spectrum. Thanks for the effort.


Just bought my Vespa here and have to say I don’t have a single complaint. Jeff was awesome and my five stars are pretty much all because of him! He’s knowledgeable, laid back and won’t try to take advantage of a first-time buyer (like me!) Got a great LX 150 in a discontinued color for a great price…plus free t-shirts for me and my boyfriend. Pretty sweet. I’ll definitley call or stop by if I need any help with the Vespa.

Jessica B

I wish I got great service like this at other businesses. I was a customer at the other BMW dealer for many years and decided to try SJ BMW which is closer to my house. Great people, all enthusiastic and friendly (Pete and Amy), hands on ownership (Willy, Chris, Bruno), and technical expertise (sorry don’t know the mechanics names). I have had 4 service visits now and all have been A+, especially the last when they helped work on my 1968 R50 which is a bike no one wants to work on, but they took me in and fixed my generator problem. They now have a very loyal customer for my 4 BMW’s and 1 Vespa.

Chris N

I just want to thank Pete Hunter and the crew in the Service department for taking care of my F800GS today, It’s always great working with professionals!

Jeff H

I recently bought Scuberth helmets as well as the SRC BT communication devices for myself and my wife. This was my first experience with this shop as they seemed to have a good selection of Schuberth helmets.Bill Asquith who is the Parts Manager assisted us with this purchase. The experience was fantastic as Bill helped us not only with the selection and fitting but also with setting up our BT devices. Bill is very knowledgable and great to work with. I have not purchased a bike from this shop so I can’t comment on their Motorcycle sales but their parts department will have my business going forward. Thanks Bill.

Bob H

Pete: The enclosed is just a little appreciation to you and your team for excellent service that occurred on February 22, 2006 that was indeed “above and beyond”. Not only did you expeditiously repair an officer’s rear tire, but you took on the task of replacing our Sergeant’s main battery and starter after his motorcycle was brought into you shortly before closing. We can’t thank you enough and hope everyone enjoys our way of, once again, saying thanks!

California Highway Patrol

We shopped around before we bought from San Jose Vespa. We actually live in Santa Cruz and drove 40 miles to purchase from them. We had such poor treatment from the Santa Cruz Vespa dealer and read all of the negative reviews of them that we decided to make the trek over the hill. The scooter we purchased had a listed price, but Bosco, the Sales Rep. dropped the price and made a sweet deal on the accessories. I walked out feeling like we both got a fair deal. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Scott N

First of all I would like to thank you for sending me a replacement ratio rocker while I was semi-stranded in Utah. I greatly appreciate your willingness to support your customers. It was also nice to talk to you guys at Durango. That was a HOT ride!!! I first purchased your ratio rockers for my ’82 R100 RS about 9 months ago before I dual plugged the heads. With the stock 8.2:1 pistons there was a genuine increase in performance and ease of starting. With the addition of dual plugs, 9.5:1 pistons, your SS valves and guides and the DYNA ignition, I am very pleased with the performance of my machine.

Woodland Hills

i came to sjbmw on a fluke,because the place where i was trying to buy a bike didn’t have any helmets in my size so they sent me there to get one.there i found the love of my life as far as a bike is concerned,they had this bike that they took in on consignment,but before i left the saleman made sure i knew everything that i needed to know about the bike and then some.and to make sure i didn’t forget they put it in writing,because a good ride has a way of deleting memory.also i had a tire problem that i phoned them about at 11am and told them that i will be on my way and they said come on down,i live in the time i got there it was their lunch time but they made sure i had something to scoot around on until my problem was resolved.the service and sales department went beyond the call of duty to ensure that i was well taking care of and for that i will forever remember when i or a friend has a problem with their bike,i only ask that they please keep up the great work.

Ron K

I got to Marty’s in time to get a pair of coil wires and got my bike running late Saturday. The dual-spark upgrade is very nice. Subtly more powerful where one can use it, no more hesitation. I dumped my Techlusion 1030 and don’t miss it. Thanks again!

San Jose, CA

The folks are knowlegable and get answers for whatever i needed. Big help with my 07 f650gs. Personable with good feedback. Awesome. Great response time on return with the questions i had with my bike.

Aladdin Preston

Best service department I have taken my bike to. I purchased at a dealer in Mountain View, but since a lose screw experience there, I try to favor this place instead. They are also very aggressive it trying to represent you in warranty claims. The guy wrenching on your bike is likely the same guy on the track on the weekend. There is passion for riding in this place. The only reason they don’t get five stars is for some unexplainable reason, someone left a half eaten slightly melted chocolate chip cookie on my seat when I went to pick up my bike – I guess they have at least one cookie fiend on staff.

Kenneth H

I purchased my 02 LT back in October and just wanted to let you guys know that I have never been so pleased with a dealer as I have been with San Jose BMW. They always find a way to make you happy, The service department is well run and the techs know what they’re doing. Your bike is done on time every time. The parts department has just about everything you need and if they don’t it’ll be there in a day or two. The sales department still to this day asks how things are going and is there anything they can do. SJ BMW takes an interest in you and your bike. I highly recommend them.

Fremont, CA

I recently bought my first vespa at this place. The one I was looking at was on consignment so negotiation was much easier. I wanted to point out the salesperson in training – Stan – who was very helpful and kind and not pushy at all. He owns a scooter himself and seemed like he enjoyed working there. After I decided to purchase the Vespa another salesperson came by to do the paper work and Stan brought my vespa to the back and cleaned it up so that it was ready to go by the time we were done. He helped my bf and I load it up on the truck and made sure everything was secure. He even hung around to make sure that we were good to go. Talk about customer service! Hats off to Stan on knowing how to treat a customer! I will be back for sure for my vespa accessories!

Lora L

Enormous kudos to the San Jose BMW Motorrad Service team! The BMW S1000XR is a fantastic bike but I found the handlebar buzz distracting. The guys found some 11 oz. bar end weights made by our very own local craftsman at Rhino Motorcycle Products. For me these have completely erased this one drawback to the bike and turned me into a happy rider. This is just one of many examples where I have found that Willie, Zach, Peter, Jeff and the crew take time to really listen to individual rider feedback and create personalized solutions.

John Wyss
Campbell, CA

Thanks for the follow thru’s with my engine [omitted], gotta say you and your crew have been great as far as tracking my stuff and keeping me informed. Better than these other dealerships we’ve dealt with in the past.

Sanama City, FL

I came on Friday looking for a test ride on a new K1300S, Joe Coscarelli warmly welcomed me, explained features and benefits of the K1300S comparing two available models (regular one and special edition). Offered to take a look on used motorcycle of same model when I mentioned that I am not looking specifically new model.Next day I just came and bought new K1300S Special Edition, which took me around 30m to do. I would like to thank Joe for the most pleasant dealership experience of my life.

Sergey Melikyan
Santa Clara, CA

This review is for the sales department only.My bf had decided to purchase a scooter for me as an early wedding present. I had decided on a Genuine Buddy 125 so off to San Jose Vespa we went. We stopped by a few weeks before we were 100% sure that we were buying and Jeff “Bosco” was super nice and completely no pressure. He showed us the Buddies that he had in stock and assured me that he could order a pink one for me. He was really excited about the bikes, which made the experience enjoyable.We came back about 2-3 weeks later, ready to order my scoot. The shop just got an Italia Buddy 125 on consignment – my bf had been eyeing that model when I was looking for the scooter that I wanted. He took one test drive and was sold. Bosco let him borrow a helmet so he could ride it home :) We ordered my pink scooter and he gave us a great price and even threw in a front basket! When it arrived he gave me a “No Pets” sticker, hehe! Bosco rocks!

Donna J

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks for the effort you and your staff provided during our recent police motorcycle selection. You were professional, responsible and reliable from the beginning. Your Service staff, particularly Willie, was very helpful. He worked hard at the design and machining of the “intersection lighting” bracket that was added on to the Code 3 system, which had been provided by the factory. We are pleased that this addition has worked so well and will clearly increase our officers safety. In addition, I have heard nothing but compliments from our officers who have returned for the initial break-service. They say that Josh and your technicians have been great to work with.

Santa Clara Police Department

Thanks for working with me on the antenna thing for my RT. [omitted] this is the kind of “service” that separates you from the rest of the pack.

San Jose, CA

Bosco: what is there not to say about this guy? He knows what he is doing, he gives a damn, and he makes you feel like it is about you. Great guy, loves his product, and he is a joy to talk to!Chris: (the owner) I would have never known his status. Laid back guy, cool, and knowledgeable. His presence did NOT add tension to the room with his workers, or just in general. He was very straightforward and pleasant to speak with. Even when I first got there, one of the mechanics greeted me and was super sweet. I will go here again for my BMW Mottorrad needs!Thanks guys for running a business and representing your product well!

Mamma B

This letter is in regards to the recent survey card that I received from San Jose BMW. As all of the contact I have had with San Jose BMW has been by telephone, the questions on the survey card did not really apply to me. Furthermore, the services that I have received from San Jose BMW is of such extraordinary quality that a mere questionnaire will not convey my satisfaction. I own a bike with 26,000 miles. After a hard summer of riding it was apparent that I was going to need valve work soon. I was having to adjust my valves about every 1500 miles and was losing about 2 to 3 thousandths on each adjustment, especially on the exhaust valves. Being a new BMW rider I asked around and found one name that kept coming up for quality machine work – San Jose BMW. About mid-January I decided to take the plunge and pulled my heads and sent them to you for an unleaded conversion. Upon receiving my heads a San Jose BMW technician (Curt I believe) called me to discuss the work to be done. At that time he convinced me that I should also go with dual plugs, an ignition booster kit, a mild port and polish job and some head milling. I was quite apprehensive, not only with the cost, but about modifying the bike with aftermarket parts and modifications. He assured me that all the parts were of excellent quality and reliability, and would mount like factory parts. To make a long story short, these modifications were the best thing I could have done! I have a lot more power and get incredible gas mileage to boot. Prior to this work I was getting a consistent 40 – 43 miles to the gallon. Now I get 52 – 55 miles to the gallon with a full touring load and, within reason, can run with nearly anyone in the mountains. THat’s right – 55 miles to the gallon. I checked it repeatedly, checked the calibration on my trip odometer, and did everything possible to ensure accurate mileage measurements as I couldn’t believe it myself. Talk about having your cake and eating it too – more power and better mileage. After running 1800 miles I checked my valves. They required no adjustment. Anyway, I hold the employees of San Jose BMW in highest regard. I talked to Chris and Curt, as well as several employees, on numerous occasions. They were always extremely couteous and helpful. I felt they always placed my interests first. In other words, it’s a joy doing business with a company that really cares about the customer.


Thanks for restoring my confidence in BMW. Your attention to detail and customer satisfaction makes you a highly prized spokesman. Thanks.

Los Gatos, CA

Thanks Josh, Robbie and everyone at San Jose BMW for making our trip safe and enjoyable. You have an excellent service department.

San Leandro, CA

Mr. Hodgson, I want to let you know that I appreciate the professional service I received from Doug Shaw, your sales rep. In the beginning of January, I called to inquire about MCs for sale. By the end of the day, I had agreed to buy a K75S from him. At no time during our conversation did I feel he was trying to “oversell” or convince me he knew what I needed. He was professional, matter-of-fact, and in plain words, just seemed like a nice guy. (And I love my new MC!). Thank you – it was a pleasure doing business with San Jose BMW.

San Francisco, CA

I just wanted to give these guys full props for setting me up with my new K1300 S Motorsport. i was waffling (for two+ weeks) and dealing with family matters (NOT related to a bike, btw), & Joe & Chris were totally low key about it, held the bike for a few days unasked, and then super helpful a week later when i finally pulled the trigger. got me all set up with a new battery to replace the dead one from someone leaving the key on, new boots and gloves, and a casual purchase experience. i wasnt sure how i would really adapt to being folded up on a bike like this, having been GS’d & in my 60’s for so long. well, i rolled out of the dealership, futzed around a bit in traffic, and by the time i hit hwy 9 in saratoga, the veil peeled from my eyes! YoW! i mean YoWW! even though i was doing a bit of a parade lap because the tires were so unscrubbed, and i not familiar with the bike. by the time i got to empire grade, all was even greater with the world, and suddenly I’m not 65 anymore! this brought back the thrill of riding in a way i havent felt for years. what a machine. instant therapy i didnt even know i needed. i am sorry for those who will not get to experience this bike, because this is a benchmark roadburner and then some.

thanks guys,

Dan Carey

Santa Cruz

dan carey
santa cruz, CA

Robert, I appreciate you looking into your San Jose BMW parts warehouse and finding that critical tail-part to make the scene happen. I can’t thank you enough for sending it overnight to the location for the saturday afternoon shoot!

Los Angeles, CA

Nothing says first class service like customers calling you from different states rather than their own local service departments. I am in Texas and get horrible service. On three different occasions, San Jose has corrected bad advice or found solutions that my local service department could not. What is MOST impressive to me is that they know that I am not a revenue generating customer for them and still spend the time to patiently help me with something another shop should be handling. Thank you BMW of San Jose!

Louis S

I just want to reiterate what others have said. This is a great dealership. I picked up a C 650 and it was a great experience from end to end. Very friendly and helpful.Update:

My c650 is now a “2018 BMW R 1200 GS Adventure”. Same awesome experience end to end. Thank you guys for being everything a BMW dealership should be.

Michael Hill

It’s damn hard to find a good mechanic, even harder to find a good motorcycle mechanic. I’ve tried every BMW motorcycle shop in the Greater Bay Area and hands down, SJ BMW Motorcycles is the best. For example, one time I had a broken bolt on my foot shifter linkage while I was on my way to work, thankfully I wasn’t too far from SJ BMW, I rode there in 2nd gear, they weren’t even open yet and they went inside, got the correct linkage bolt, installed it, and away I went. Awesome customer service, even though they’re often very busy. Personally, Willie, one of the lead techs, has handled most of the problems on my K1200LTE and he’s a helluva troubleshooter and mechanic. If you’re interested in a motorcycle or scooter, or have a bike and need service, come here!

Sean B

Dear Service Dept: I want to take this opportunity to properly thank one of your technicians, Mr. Willie Hodgson, for a job well done on my MP3 400 last week. I brought it in for the first 600 miles service and ended up leaving your establishment with two new HID Xenon 4300K headlights as well. Every sign on the side of the roads and freeways light up like a Christmas tree now. I feel much safer riding in the dark now that I can see much better the path ahead of me. I also want to thank Willie for going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty (ABCD) in installing the HID lights. The difficult part was finding good locations to mount some of the small electrical boxes from the wiring cables especially in the area underneath the front panel since there was very little room to work with. Awesome Willie put on his ‘thinking cap’ and searched for the best possible areas for me rather than mounting the cables at the first site he saw. The cliche, “Thinking outside the box” definitely reflected Willie’s skills & strengths as a technician. Moreover, Willie’s friendly personality made me feel like we were good buddies from grade school. Again, thank you very much Willie for making my first time ‘service’ a pleasant one

San Jose, CA

Bill and crew in Parts are your very best team ever. They will take the time and have the expert experience to help. Above and beyond service is normal. They are very nice and prices are fair.

High Quality,Excellent Service are offered just by walking in, If you are like me you will appreciate the really high quality and experienced help.

It is worth a lot. Really excellent and a pleasure to deal with.

Thomas Ramos

I had an issue with the communication unit on my helmet, walked it in to Bill in Parts and he corrected it right away explaining what he was doing. I ve always had a great experience dealing with SJ BMW for many years.

Jim Benefiel

I shut off the Techlusion 83i and reinstalled the pink CCP. With this configuration the bike surged wildly before. After installing the SJBMW dual plugging kit there is no perception of surging at all now. Besides that it idles and starts beautifully and pulls from a standing start without any of the normal hesitation it always had. Amazing what an extra plug can do. No wonder BMW made the change. They should have done it years ago.Overall I was very pleased with the entire experience. You and your guys at SJBMW are very cordial and helpful. The actual results speak for themselves. The bike runs great and the cost was reasonable. For the mechanically capable crowd spending $350 for a Techlusion R259 or $485 for the real thing isn’t a hard decision to make.

Huntington Beach, CA

I received exceptional service from San Jose BMW. I went in looking to purchase my first scooter. The staff was extremely helpful and honest. They listened to my reasons for wanting a scooter and made great recommendations. I decided to purchase a Genuine Buddy. It took no time at all to complete the paperwork and head home with my new scooter. I definitely recommend this place!

Joshua B

To whom it may concern: On October 28, 2005, I purchased a Vespa GT200 from San Jose BMW. Shortly after getting my Vespa home I had problems with it. I spoke with Sales Rep, Pete Tachis, who assured me that they would correct the problem to my satisfaction, which they did. I am writing this letter to let you know how happy I am with the way Pete and the staff at San Jose BMW handled my problem. I was impressed with the professionalism and courtesy that was displayed. Peter Tachis and the staff at San Jose BMW should be commended for their excellent service and customer satisfaction. I’ve only had my Vespa GT a couple of weeks and it makes mundane errands fun. I look forward to a long relationship with San Jose BMW.

New York, NY

Best place for service, new and used bikes, and people who care about riders. Parts department is the best around and they really go the extra mile to help their customers.

Kirk Mansfield

I just wanted to drop you guys an e-mail to say thanks for your help with my K75. You guys showed me that a smaller shop does not mean less service. You did more for me than [omitted] ever would have and your prices were much more pleasing to deal with.

Sunnyvale, CA

An ace place for all BMW motorcycles. One of the oldest shops selling and servicing BMW Motorcycles in the Bay Area with a lot of innovations and racing pedigree. Look for Pete Hunter in the service shop a total gentleman who will take good care of you.

Prashant Kumar

I wanted to write and thank you for the outstanding work you and your crew did on my R11S. Riding it home to Los Angeles I had the impression that I was riding a completely different motorcycle. The power and throttle response were incredible, and the vibration level is now consistent with what I’m accustomed to on an Oilhead Boxer. My complements to you and your staff for validating my decision to bring the bike to San Jose BMW for service. Thanks again for all of your help in sorting this bike out for me. I’ll look forward to seeing you again soon.

Hermosa Beach, CA

Dear Mr. Hodgson: Just a quick note to tell you how much I appreciated the assistance you gave to me at the 49er Rally last weekend. Were it not for your gracious offer of help, I (and my family) would have been tremendously inconvenienced. Thank you again. I shall never hesitate to heartily recommend San Jose BMW to anyone seeking motorcycle advice, service, or a new motorcycle – be it a BMW or a Vespa.

San Jose, CA

Great GREAT bike shop! Thank you and kudos to Pete (“the man” and service manager), Zach (friendly cool tech who worked on my bike), Amy, and Bill (in parts). Every one of them personable, knowledgeable and ready to go the extra mile. I left my GS with a laundry list of things that needed attention…Returned from out of town, was met at the train station by Tom who graciously picked me up and took me to the shop where my bike was ready and waiting. Everything had been taken care of and the bike was perfect. As an added bonus Pete had his suspension guru (Phil Douglas) tune my Ohlins suspension and the difference was remarkable. I rode away a grateful and happy camper. A truly first class operation, headed by owner Chris Hodgson…Thank you guys for everything. Safe riding and keep up the great work…

David N

An ace place for all BMW motorcycles. One of the oldest shops selling and servicing BMW Motorcycles in the Bay Area with a lot of innovations and racing pedigree. Look for Pete Hunter in the service shop a total gentleman who will take good care of you.

Phillip Kennedy

These guys are so helpful! Even when they disagree with you, they will give you great service, with a smile and deliver quailty. When it comes time to purchase a new scooter or fix the one I love, I will go back to this shop.

Gin M

Just a quick plug for SJBMW – they are really a class outfit. Everyone is very dependable [omitted] and everyone was helpful, cooperative and very friendly. The guys worked as a team, and were prepared for the project. There was no standing around and waiting for someone to act. Thanks Chris, Ted, Kennan, Robert, Jason and Jesse) The techs had the bike apart and back together quickly, and there ware no glitches.


We went to San Jose BMW when we were shopping for my wife’s ride and really didn’t get a good feeling. I just went back to buy oil and a filter for an oil change and the parts guy indicated I had to talk to the service manager because he had a concern. After waiting 15 minutes for the service manager he tried to hard sell me on having them service the BMW.I had the opportunity to visit with Willie Hodgson, the GM, about my experience and I felt he took my concerns to heart. In addition, they serviced my wife’s BMW efficiently and treated her well.

Kevin B

Got a new 1200 gs from them. They know their stuff, from racing to long commutes. They offed a test drive early in the process and the bike sold it’s self. They were easy to work with and had their stuff together, no pressure just motorcycle guys truing to get you what you want.

Bailey Smith

This bike shop is fantastic. I went on a ride from Tucson to San Francisco with my buddy 2 weeks ago & his little ’84 Honda Nighthawk wasn’t having it. His starter finally ate itself a block away from this shop. Talk about good fortune. As soon as I walked back to the service dept. & saw the guy wearing a Honda sweatshirt (sorry I forgot your name dude!) I knew things were starting to look up. On a rainy Saturday afternoon these guys went way out of their way to get us back on schedule & back on the road, calling everyone they knew who might have parts, searching everywhere, salvage yards, starter shops, even eBay! Tom spent two days on his own time tracking down parts & rebuilding the starter, which Honda no longer makes by the way & they gave my buddy a loaner bike over the weekend so we could still get to our destination. I can’t say enough good things about these guys.

Buddy H

I have been a customer of San Jose BMW since 2003. Since then the way that they have dealt with me has caused me to purchase or be responsible for the purchase of close to 10 motorcycles. They have always made me feel welcome in the store and due to my interest, they have kept me informed about their racing efforts and much more.

Often in the auto/moto business things don’t go as planned…there is no 100%. It isn’t realistic given the nature of vehicles, to expect them to run forever with no problems. They are mechanical and by definition they can fail. These guys know that and do their absolute best to ensure that my ride is always safe and mechanically sound. When there is difficulty obtaining a part they let me know. If service work will take longer than I alloted, they provide an alternate bike so I can keep the rest of my schedule.

Dealers and service providers get a bad rap sometimes…its the nature of the business but if you want your BMW/Aprilia/Vespa serviced by knowledable techs with a passion for two wheels then you can’t do any better than San Jose BMW and Vespa

Alan W

Dear Mr. Hodgson, I am writing to say thank you very much concerning the extremely pleasurable motorcycling experience my brother and I had courtesy of San Jose BMW. Mindy was a complete professional in very sense of the word. She called well in advance to confirm our reservations and pick-up times, leaving nothing to chance. Upon our arrival, she was very courteous and pleasant. She made sure our motorcycles were thoroughly prepared and gave an excellent presentation on the safe and proper operation of the motorcycles. While we were gone, she was kind and caring enough to watch my car. Few employees are so thoughtful to have done beyond which they are required to do. In closing, I would like to say that she provided a level of customer service and satisfaction which was nothing short of superior. I am confident that she is a very valuable member of your organization. Please know that employees like her are very rare. We look forward to having Mindy handle our rentals in the future.

Sonoma, CA

This is my dealership.

I can go to closer places, but I choose to come here.I just received my 2015 Gs after going thru a lengthy service (no fault of service dept), the engine sounds better than it did mile #1!Their engineer Zack must practice Voodoo as whatever magic he did on my motor works. I mean he nailed it.

Kam Bansal

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great selection of bikes and gear.

Zenn Enemie

good in explaining about scooter, because I have bought scooter.

Rachana G

Very highly recommended for anyone looking at getting scooter or BMW motorcycle. Bosco is the man – he knows all about the product and is a terrific salesman. Like the reviewer below, I didn’t get very good service at either of the Santa Cruz Genuine dealers and I’m glad I traveled the extra distance to SJ Vespa. Got a great deal and great information from the folks here. 5 stars!

Michael C

A BMW bikers shop, well organized and knowledgeable.

Mark W

Highest competance and level of service of any BMW Motorcycle dealer.

Bob Bacon

5 stars for Jeff Biafore. Stand up guy, excellent rapport. I actually haven’t bought anything in this store. But the 2 times I’ve been in there Jeff has helped me a) figure out if a Vespa fits in a Honda Element, b) refer me to Moto Amore for vintage Vespas. c) hooked me up with another Vespa dealer in Santa Barbara and even tried to get me 10% discount through his personal connections. The store is nicely laid out and all the high end accessories and clothing for your modern Vespa is here. If you’re looking to cut gas expense and pitch in for less emissions to San Jose, get a Vespa and get it from these guys.

Raymond G

I desperately needed a sticker for my R1200GS and after numerous attempts with other dealers to get one, Bill, the parts guy at San Jose pulled it off. Probably the finest example of customer service I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. 5+ stars. Thank you Bill!

Roger H

Awesome service. Friendly people

Joe Spiers

I’ve bought new and used motorcycles from all over the Bay Area and can honestly say that Chris and his crew have given me one of the best experiences so far, at least with my BMWs.From the initial purchase, to follow up sales (parts, etc.) and service; they’ve been great.That said, I do realize that a lot of shops churn staff and even ownership, so things can change overnight. But so far, so good!

Chris E

I had a very satisfying experience while purchasing my Klim riding jacket and pants. The customer service aspect was top notch just like the items purchased.

Susanta Misra
Bangalore, --

Just wanted to say thank you for the quick and professional service you gave us. The new tires are just great and served us well for the reminder of our trip ~ it was sure a lucky chance that brought us to your dealership.

Palmdale, CA

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