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  • new gps mounts for bmw r1200 bikes

    New GPS mounts for BMW R1200 Bikes
    July 1, 2006
    As we all know, the BMW R1200GS, R1200GS-Adventure, R1200GT and R1200RT are motorcycles used for long distance riding (in most cases). It's therefore not unusual for the rider to equip the motorcycle with a GPS. However, the "traditional" way of mounting a GPS is on the handlebar.

    There are several drawbacks with this method. Foremost is the vibrations, since the handlebar takes up a lot of them. Secondly, the GPS will be positioned to the side, and lower that your line of vision (in other words, you'll need to lower your eyes a lot to see the GPS). Also, your GPS is going to get wet when it rains (they are all waterproof, but at times if it's really raining, you might not see the screen).

    So, here's a solution that will interest any BMW R1200GS, GSA, R1200RT and R1200GT owner; Scottish firm Motorrad Concepts have introduced several GPS mounts for said BMW's motorcycles.

    They offer a dash mounted GPS support for Garmin, BMW's Navigator (which is a Garmin) and for TomTom Rider GPSs.

    The advantage of these GPS mounts are that they are fitted high (so you can see driving instructions more or less without taking your eyes of the road) and well sheltered behind the windscreen.