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  • santa clara police department motor division now rides the bmw r1150gs-pd!

    Santa Clara Police Department Motor Division now rides the BMW R1150GS-PD!
    October 30, 2003
    The City of Santa Clara has purchased 6 BMW R1150GS-PD version authority
    motorcycles from San Jose BMW. To paraphrase Santa Clara PD Sr. Motor
    Officer John Thompson, "it's unquestionably the best tool for suburban 2-wheel law enforcement, period".

    Officer Thompson was a highly visible and proactive leader in the acquisition of the GS's, and if you stop in the store sometime you may just see him and his GS.

    Don't let anyone ever tell you that cops don't know how to inject a little 'adventure' into their
  • airhead report

    Airhead Report
    October 6, 2003
    I have just returned from Talladega, AL where the inaugural "Airhead Invitational" Race was a huge success. Every competitor loved it and wants to do it again next year. There were 19 riders in all. Can you imagine 19 BMW airheads all making music together on the grid at the same time? There were riders from California, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, Tennessee, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, and finally a rider from Germany. Willie Betsch, at age 65 came all the way from Germany to ride Ozzie Auer's pre-war Vintage Racer.

    The camaraderie among the racers in the pits was one of excitement and enthusiasm. Racers were sharing information and parts. Repairs were being made to help everyone be able to make the starting grid. High fives and thumbs up were given in the hot pit before the start. Once the flag dropped, the dogfight was on for those at the front to claim their position. There was no lack of competition just because everyone was on a BMW. It gave everyone a chance to see how he or she measured up to the competition they don't usually see in the same class.

    At the end of the race and after the awards were given, 3 of the 4 sponsors were present and said, "let's do it again next year". Event race Director John Goodpaster even commented that it was a "great idea and we should make it an annual event." Positive comments came for many racers that were not connected to BMW's but said the Airhead Invitational Race was the best of the day as it was one of the largest grids and the most competitive. From the youngest to the maturest, all had a good time.

    Airhead Invitational Results for 10-04-03

    The inaugural "Airhead Invitational" Race was held at the Talladega GP track as the feature race of the AHRMA finale for 2003. Chris Hodgson of San Jose BMW made a cameo appearance with the "Wrecking Ball" a 1000cc airhead BMW with Brian Catterson of Cycle World aboard. Brian was able to use his dominant power and his excellent riding ability to manhandle the small displacement beemers to take first place both days.

    The real battle was for the top spot and bragging rights in the 750cc class. There Mark Mitchell barely edged Ivan Messina for 2nd place by less than a bike length. Ivan finished 3rd and Troy McAfee of Touring Sport BMW was close behind Ivan in 4th . Glenn Campbell finishing 5th in spite of some minor problems with his bike. Bucky Sexton finished 6th and Jerry Settle 7th after both had blown their good engine the week before and had to scramble to get something together in order to participate.

    The top finisher with a 500cc was Brad Phillips and Larry Campbell was 2nd. Willie Betsch from Germany finished 3rd in the 500cc group aboard Ozzie Auer's pre-war BMW.

    1. Brian Catterson, 1,000cc
    2. Mark Mitchell, 750cc
    3. Ivan Messina, 750cc
    4. Troy McAfee 750cc
    5. Glenn Campbell, 750cc
    6. Bucky Sexton, 750cc
    7. Jerry Settle, 852cc
    8. Glenn Maxwell, 750cc
    9. Scott Olofson, 800cc
    10. Walt Sweat, 750cc
    11. Michael Burke, 750cc
    12. Gary Brown, 750cc
    13. Brad Phillips, 500cc
    14. Larry Campbell, 500cc
    15. Willie Betsch, 500cc
    16. Cary Nyberg, 500cc
    17. Tom High, 750cc DNF
    18. Anton Largiader, 750cc DNS

    Airhead Invitational Results for 10-05-03 (Sunday Results)

    The Sunday version of the inaugural Airhead Invitational ended with Brian Catterson of Cycle World on Chris Hodgson's 1,000cc airhead again manhandling the small displacement BMW's to take first place. The custom built racer was a showcase for innovative workmanship.

    Again on Sunday the real battle was for bragging rights in the 750cc group. Frank Shockley from Touring Sport BMW entered the Sunday race and finished as the top 750 and 2nd in the race pushing Mark Mitchell down one spot on the podium to 3rd. Ivan Messina finished 4th and Troy McAfee again finished 5th. Anton Largiader, who has only had his racing license less than 1 month, rode an excellent race to finish 6th. Walt Sweatt moved up several places from Saturday to finish 7th. Jerry Settle finished 8th.

    The 500cc class finished in the same order as they did on Saturday. Brad Phillips 1st, Larry Campbell 2nd, Willie Betsch 3rd and Carl Nyberg 4th.

    1. Brian Catterson 1,000cc
    2. Frank Shockley 750cc
    3. Mark Mitchell 750cc
    4. Ivan Messina 750cc
    5. Troy McAfee 750cc
    6. Anton Largiader 750cc
    7. Walt Sweatt 750cc
    8. Jerry Settle 852cc
    9. Brad Phillip 500cc
    10. Larry Campbell 500cc
    11. Willie Betsch 500cc
    12. Michael Burke 750cc
    13. Carl Nyberg 500cc
    14. Scott Olofson 800cc DNF
    15. Glenn Campbell 750cc DNF
    16. Tom High 750cc DNF
    17. Glenn Maxwell 750 DNS
    18. Gary Brown 750 DNS

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