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  • the lo-rider concept

    December 29, 2008
    BMW's creatives have offered up a new concept bike - the Lo-rider and invite your opinions. Let us know what you think.

    The facts in brief. 1.

    The BMW Lo Rider – sporty, purist roadster study with an individually variable design.
    Purist, powerful, unfaired and reduced to the absolute essentials – these few words provide an incomplete description of the BMW Lo Rider, the new concept study by BMW Motorrad. At first sight, the focus would seem to be on the creation of a roadster with a muscular appearance, openly displayed technology and powerful flat twin engine for pure emotion and maximum motorcycling fun. But behind all this is in fact a completely new custom concept.

    The bike’s low weight, the powerful and high-torque flat twin engine and high-quality chassis technology give it a high level of sporty riding dynamics, while the lowered chassis and the relaxed yet active seating position with the broad handlebars are more of a loan from cruisers and naked bikes.

    The concept is such that, for the first time, the customer can be involved in the design of the BMW Lo Rider to an extent which goes beyond what has previously been possible to date. Numerous options including different exhaust systems, seats, headlamp units and paint finish variations allow for a level of customization which is far greater than the familiar individualization by means of special equipment features and accessories. This means that the entire character of the vehicle can be adapted to the customer’s individual taste: the customer can take full pleasure in assembling a machine just as he wants it – from a cool cruiser to an aggressive muscle bike.

    An overview of the conceptual highlights.

    • Combines current technology with modern and classic stylistic elements.
    • Design elements can be individually combined by the customer.
    • Raised or lowered exhaust system, as preferred.
    • Seat for one or two as preferred, or aluminium perch seat.
    • Headlamp unit in classic shape or in street fighter style, as preferred.
    • Fuel tank with or without aluminium trim, as preferred.
    • Four paint finishes for the fuel tank.
    • Three paint finishes for the engine casing.
    • Front and rear wheel wings finished either in black or chrome, as preferred.
  • bmw superbike progress

    December 22, 2008
    News From BMW Motorsport :


    Friday, 12 December 2008

    The final day of the three-day Pirelli test provided Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport with both challenges and improvements, but in the end, the team left Kyalami in a positive frame of mind and ready to make further progress at the next outing. Troy and Ruben continued to try as many different ideas as possible and give valuable feedback to the team instead of chasing any lap times. Troy was happy that his fastest lap, on race rubber, was not far off the pace and a sign that there is still more to come.

    Italian Michel Fabrizio (Ducati) posted the fastest lap of the test, with a time of 1:39.714. Second quickest was American Ben Spies (Yamaha), with Noriyuki Haga (Ducati) third.


    I am reasonably happy with what we managed over these three days and Ruben and I have certainly given the team lots of info for them to work with. There was no point chasing lap times because we wanted to try different things and see what effect they had on the bike. It was so much hotter today than the past two days and it really wasn’t worth going out in the middle of the day. I think we made the right decision because hardly anybody went out either. It did cool off later in the afternoon and it would’ve been good to have gone a bit faster, but my bike had a bit of a problem and I wasn’t able to do it. I had a small crash today, when I lost the front end going into Wesbank, but wasn’t hurt at all.
    All in all, I am realistic about what we did here these three days and we ended up more or less as I expected, though possibly a bit better. The important thing is that we improved steadily throughout the three days and now we’ve got lots to work with for the next test.


    Of course, I would've liked to have gone faster at the end, but that wasn’t the reason we came here. We came here to try and understand the bike and get it to do what we wanted it to do. Troy and I have different riding styles and he has a lot of experience with four-cylinders, so I always knew he would be faster than me here. But the important thing is that we have both given the team good feedback and now they will go away and work on what we have said. I am happy with our progress and happy that I finished without any crashes and now can enjoy Christmas fit and healthy and ready for next year.

    Rainer Baeumel (Project Leader)

    Yesterday we did go sideways a bit, but still managed to get a lot of useful information at the same time. Although our lap times weren’t so good, I felt that this test was very positive and it makes me optimistic about our next test. We are a new team and I am happy because everybody worked really well together and are very motivated about this challenge. It will be good for all of us to have a bit of rest now and then come back ready to continue the good progress at the next test.

    Final best lap times

    1. Fabrizio (Ita-Ducati) 1'39"714;
    2. Spies (Usa-Yamaha) 1'39"978;
    3. Haga (Jpn-Ducati) 1'39"984;
    4. Rea (GB-Honda) 1'40"035;
    5. Checa (Spa-Honda) 1'40"170;
    6. Neukirchner (Ger-Suzuki) 1'40"394;
    7. Kagayama (Jpn-Suzuki) 1'40"675;
    8. Biaggi (Ita-Aprilia) 1'40"768;
    9. Nakano (Jpn-Aprilia) 1'40"968;
    10. Kiyonari (Jpn-Honda) 1'41"067;

    11. Troy Corser (Aus-BMW Motorrad Motorsport) 1'41"102;
    12. Sykes (GB-Yamaha) 1'41"562;
    13. Ruben Xaus (Spa-BMW Motorrrad Motorsport) 1'41"996.
  • supermodel meets superbike

    December 22, 2008
    BMW just sent these great pix of the obviously near-production S1000RR. We can't wait to get one in the showroom this Spring/Summer, hopefully. In the meantime here's the PR copy FYI.

    You wouldn’t believe the extraordinary lengths that BMW Motorrad would go to in order to bring you these stunning images of the new S 1000 RR superbike, but we hope you’ll agree that the results are well worth the effort.

    With a brief to combine the outstanding high-tech design of the S 1000 RR carbon race bike with a cool looking fashion style, BMW Motorrad commissioned top photographer Markus Hofmann to capture the action. Markus specialises in Stills, People and Events but he knew he was facing a real challenge with this outdoor shoot on one of the coldest days of the year. The motorcycle arrived in Munich in the early hours of December 10th and was taken to a small airfield at Oberschleißheim, where the team was waiting. With bad weather conditions forecast and only a few hours of decent light available at this time of the year, Markus knew that every second would count.

    “The new BMW S 1000 RR race bike is an outstanding looking motorcycle in terms of its design and styling, so I was knew it would be an extraordinary motorcycle to photograph,” said Markus. “Because we wanted to have a helicopter in the shot, it was necessary to discuss all the safety instructions with the pilot and make sure that the shots that we wanted were actually achievable. One of our assistants was responsible for communication with the helicopter pilot, which was done by means of hand signals in order to ensure that he could manoeuvre the helicopter into the right position and move around if necessary.

    “The other assistant was in charge of handling the lighting system and protecting it the from the strong rush of wind created by the helicopter’s rotors. There was also a stylist on hand, who would be refreshing or changing the look and make-up of Ann Kathrin Ruhl, our model for the day. The coldness, of course, made things difficult for everyone, and the ‘wind-chill factor’ was intensified by the helicopter blades, which affected Ann Kathrin more than anyone else, but she was very professional, having modelled many times in ‘extreme’ situations. With such a great team around me, I was able to focus completely on the photography and only needed to give short instructions from time to time, which made the job go smoothly. I think the results are very effective.”

    Bettina Bruaröy Maurer, the stylist for the day, was delighted with the results of the photoshoot: “My passion for this work is to create moods where the viewer feels drawn into and captivated by the picture. This idea I had in this instance was to mix a style of feminine fashion and the typical motorbike outfit. I wanted the model to look like a strong independent ‘Bond’ girl who perfectly matches the BMW style and charisma, and I wanted the pictures to surprise and to create harmony – this job was perfect in achieving these objectives!”

    Without a doubt, the coldest person on the day was model Ann Kathrin Ruhl from the Java Model Management agency. Without the benefit of windproof, waterproof and thermal clothing, she still managed to look great, despite being chilled to the bone in one of the less glamorous locations she has been photographed in. “It was freezing cold out there and the noise from the chopper was absolutely ear-piercing,” said Ann Kathrin. “Compared to some of the jobs I have done, it certainly wasn’t the easiest conditions to shoot in, but at least I had a great team who kept me smiling so this made the job more enjoyable than it could have been otherwise.”

    Once the shoot was over, a shortlist of pictures was then selected back in the warmth of the studio, before being handed over to Arno Schaller, a graphic designer with more than a decade worth of experience with digital picture publishing and retouching for a variety of photographers, agencies and magazine editors. His work focuses on high-end creative compositions, and includes look and style development in beauty and fashion industries for clients such as Cosmopolitan and Getty Images.

    As you can see from the ‘finished’ images, the picture below portrays the new BMW S 1000 RR as an extremely desirable, exciting, yet almost unobtainable piece of exotica, much like the supermodel sitting astride her. Her look says ‘strong fashion for a powerful woman’ and the helicopter in the background gives the scene an action/adventure look, but it’s definitely the BMW superbike that shines through as the real object of desire.

    Credit Notes

    Markus Hofmann


    Ann Kathrin Ruhl

    Make-up & hairstyling
    elisa koester

    Retouch & Composing
    Arno Schaller

  • hot new performance part

    December 8, 2008

    Adjustable Torque Arm

    We’re delighted to offer our new TRACKMASTER Adjustable Torque Arm for ParaLever Twins. The TRACKMASTER is one of the key components that made our HP2 the winner in AFM Open Twins this year. Our BMW simply outhandled the Ducatis. Key to our advantage was the ease with which the TRACKMASTER allows ride-height adjustments and chassis balance fine tuning. Our techs could set the bike perfectly and quickly for each track and surface condition.

    CNC machined from light and super-strong 6061 aluminum alloy, the TRACKMASTER incorporates a stout locking adjuster which allows variations in ride height and swingarm angle, with consequent revisions to rake & trail on the front end. You can quicken or slow the steering, adjust for squat and dive, and variations in tire diameter. On the race track, getting this all right can shave seconds off a lap.

    On the street, well it just looks really cool and tech, even if you leave it set to the standard geometry. You also have the option of switching from a street to a track set-up as you wish, quickly and easily.

    We’ve just received our first shipment from our fabricator, and the TRACKMASTER is in stock for immediate shipping. Order yours now - before we have to order more.

    PRICE $299.95
    Call or Email for specific applications.

    Available for most late-model, Hex-Head Twins